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How to keep snakes and possums away from your pets

Pets won’t appreciate snakes and possums invading their territory. They could find it stressful or be injured in a fight. If these pests enter your home, it is certainly unpleasant for you as well! Take a look at our top tips to ensure your home and garden is kept critter-free.

Cover your pet’s food

Possums may be enticed into your home by the smell of pet food. Feed your pets indoors and keep pet food covered using a SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl or Microchip Pet Feeder to reduce the temptation. The Microchip Pet Feeder has the added benefit of only opening for your pet, so if a possum does venture near they won’t be able to eat your pet’s food. Store pet food supplies in sealed containers. The same goes for human food too.

Give your pet exclusive access

Snakes and possums could sneak through a standard pet door that will open for any animal. A Microchip Pet Door will stop these intruders getting in. It will only open for a registered pet’s microchip or collar tag, stopping snakes and possums from gaining access to your home.

Seal the gaps

Snakes can squeeze through small gaps so be sure to check for holes around your home and block them up. Install screens on your doors and windows if you want to keep them open when it’s warm.

Keep critters out of the garden

If your pet likes to spend time outside it’s a good idea to try to deter snakes and possums from entering your garden. Snakes like to hide in log piles or piles of debris, so removing these will encourage snakes to seek shelter elsewhere. Wire mesh around the perimeter of your garden could keep snakes out of your garden altogether. This needs to be buried into the ground so that they can’t sneak underneath it.

Possums hate the smell of lapsang souchong tea. Fill a spray bottle with tea and spray it around the garden.

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