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How to cat-proof your balcony

If you live in a flat with a balcony, have you ever thought about giving your cat access to it so they have a wider territory to explore? A balcony can give your cat much needed fresh air and extra enrichment to keep them happy and healthy. Cats should be supervised whilst they explore the balcony, and if you are renting, be sure to ask the landlord before making any significant changes.

Cat safety net

Install a safety net over the balcony to protect your cat from falls. This should be weatherproof and durable with a small enough mesh that your smallest of cats won’t be able to fit through.


On hot sunny days your cat will need shelter on the balcony. This could be in the form of tables or chairs that your cat can hide beneath, broad-leafed plants or a small cat house.


Put out pots of catnip and cat grass for your cat to nibble and avoid plants that are harmful to cats. International Cat Care has a comprehensive list of plants to avoid on their website, but speak to your vet if you are unsure.


Leave a water bowl out on the balcony for your cat to drink from. This is particularly important for avoiding dehydration on hot days.


Put scratching posts and toys out on the balcony so that your cat can be entertained while enjoying the fresh air. Make your balcony multi-level so that your cat can stretch its legs and explore the view from different heights.

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