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Choosing the right cattery for your cat

If you are going on holiday and you have decided to house your cat in a cattery, you will want to find a reputable place that will give you confidence that your cat will be well cared for when you are away from home. These tips will ensure that you find a professional cattery that you are happy with.

Start your search early

Good quality catteries get booked up quickly, so start doing your research well in advance of your holiday. This will also make the process less stressful as you won’t be rushing around to find somewhere right before your holiday.

Find recommendations

Speak to friends in the area who also have cats to find out if they can recommend a cattery. Your vet or fellow cat owners in the veterinary clinic waiting room might also be able to make recommendations.

Pay a visit

Prior to booking a cattery, turn up unannounced and ask to have a look around. This will give you a true feel for the place. If they show an interest in your cat and ask questions about them, then this is a good indication that they are animal lovers.

Inspect the facilities

Each cat in the cattery should have their own space and be unable to interact with other cats in the cattery. If they can see or smell other cats, then they could find this stressful. Each pen should be comfortably furnished with a cat bed, a litter tray, a scratching post, toys and a place to hide. Check the pens are clean and the cats that are currently being housed appear content.


Reputable catteries will require you to have proof that your cat is vaccinated. If they do not ask for this, then it’s best to avoid them as it could mean that some of the cats in their care have not been vaccinated and may have diseases.

Tell them about your cat

Tell the staff in the cattery how you would want your cat to be cared for and mention any medical conditions that your cat has that would require treatment. If they respond well to your requests, it will give you confidence that your cat would be well cared for if you decide to choose them.

Cattery insurance

Make sure the cattery has insurance to cover the care of your cat. This should include veterinary fees if your cat has an accident or becomes ill whilst they are staying at the cattery.

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