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Protect your cat’s food in the heat

If wet cat food is on the menu for your feline friend it can be difficult to keep it fresh when the weather is hot. Keeping the food refrigerated is unlikely to be an option because many cats prefer to eat their food at room temperature. Also, if they like to graze feed throughout the day, it won’t stay cold for long.

Wet cat food that deteriorates in the heat can quickly become unpalatable to a cat. They will be reluctant to eat which could affect their wellbeing. Your pocket might suffer too if you have to continually throw away stale cat food.

Serving food in an open bowl exacerbates the problem. When wet cat food is exposed to the air it soon dries out, and when it’s a hot day this can happen very quickly. Give your pet a lidded cat bowl to ensure their food stays fresher for longer.

SureFeed bowls are a great option. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder and the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl keep *99.8% of moisture in the food in a 12-hour period. To achieve this, SureFeed products have a lid which closes onto a bowl with a seal around the rim.

To protect the food further, make sure your cat’s food bowl is away from direct sunlight and put it in the coolest room in the house if possible.

*based on independent tests carried out in SureFeed products on 3 top selling cat foods. All foods were tested in the same conditions at a constant 20oC.

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