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The Trew family

Treacle the dog stops barking thanks to her new pet door

Tired of being interrupted by your dog every time you sit down for dinner, during that Sunday morning lie in or when you are trying to work? Meet Treacle. Like many dogs, she would bark at her owner Marion whenever she wanted to go outside at any time of the day, especially when she need the toilet. It didn’t matter to Treacle if it was 5am; when she had to go she had to go!

When Marion looked online for a solution, she found the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. She bought one for Treacle and never looked back. The pet door allows Treacle to let herself out of the house whenever she wants to. Treacle’s new found freedom means no more barking; gone are the days of yapping to be let outside. It’s more pleasant for Marion, and for the neighbours too!

Marion, how has the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door improved your life?

“It has substantially improved my life. I was aware of having to let the dog in and out of the kitchen door multiple times a day and especially in the evening when I was trying to relax. Now she goes in and out by herself and what I hadn’t realised was how much she barked to be let in and out. Now she doesn’t bark at all and it is wonderful. I am a very happy person.”



Installing the Pet Door

Treacle using the Pet Door


The benefits of a pet door for dogs

Giving your dog free access to a secure outside area ensures they can pop out to use the toilet whenever they need to and gives them more opportunity to exercise between walks. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door can be used with small to medium sized dogs.

The benefits of a 'SureFlap' pet door

Unlike some other cat or dog flaps which will let any animal into your home, SureFlap pet doors stop intruder animals. They recognise your pet’s existing identification microchip and use this like their own door key, granting them access while keeping everyone else out. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door also has a curfew mode that means you can keep your pets in at specific times.

In the Trew home...

Microchip Pet Door - White

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