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The Shepherd family

Microchip Cat Door stops local cats dropping by

Julie purchased a SureFlap Microchip Cat Door for her five-year-old sister cats Lizzie and Sophie to prevent other cats in the neighbourhood causing disruption in her house.

Can you describe what life was like before SureFlap?

“Having put up with a couple of local cats popping in, spraying up the furniture, windows, kitchen cupboards etc., eating our cats’ food and generally worrying them, I decided that I needed to do something about it. Being awoken at night to the sound of cats fighting downstairs in the kitchen was horrendous. The magnetic type cat doors are no use, as the intruders wear the toggles.

“The cats had been at the vets recently for microchipping, for this purpose, and routine boosters.

"Sophie had developed an odd habit of licking anyone and anything, whenever she was at home. Excessive grooming of herself was not an issue, so it was decided it wasn't a physical but an emotional problem.”

Sophie cat next to SureFlap Microchip Cat FlapSophie cat through SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Did it take your cats long to use their new cat door?

“The cats used it instantly, with no problem at all.”

How has our cat door made a difference in your home?

“Since fitting the cat door just a short time ago, Sophie’s behaviour has improved slightly. Also, she is no longer retreating to the top of the kitchen cupboards and wardrobes, another habit developed over recent months. Not returning home to a 'strange' cat sitting inside on the windowsill, or the smell of urine, is also certainly a blessing! I would definitely recommend this product and wish I had bought it years ago.”

How did you find the installation?

“The installation into the plastic back door as a replacement for the manual cat door was simple, but only as my husband owns a jigsaw. Without this tool, he doesn't think it would have been possible.”

In the Shepherd home...

Microchip Cat Flap - White

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