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The Graham family

Vet is reassured after using Animo

UK based veterinarian, Dr Louisa Graham, tell us about her experience with Animo® and how she feels reassured her dog is healthy, happy and getting the exercise he needs.


Whilst on maternity leave, I’ve been using the Animo activity tracker and health monitor to see what Finn gets up to as I was conscious about such a change to his routine. It’s been useful to see if he’s getting a restful sleep with the crying baby, or enough exercise now I haven’t been able to take him on his typical 2-3hr walks at the moment. It’s also useful to see if there’s a bout of barking that I need to check up on now I’m returning to work and not around him all the time.

I can see days where Finn is very active and I will know he’s had a swim or been running with Ash or playing with our other family dogs. It’s funny how quickly he can reach his activity target just playing in the garden with the other dogs which takes away a bit of mum guilt if I haven’t managed to give him his decent walk. 

I’ve had a couple of barking alerts recently, so it’s been useful to check the camera we have around the time he barks and be reassured that he is okay. He was probably just barking at the noise outside (or the postman or window cleaner). I can check the timings of his barking and know that he isn’t barking when I have left him alone for work which reassures me there is no sign of any separation issues. He actually just rests so its nice to see he’s just enjoying some peace and quiet and not pacing around.

Finn was castrated recently, and you could immediately see on his monitoring that he had been exercised less (enforced rest by me) and his sleep quality was not as good (likely because of a little discomfort) following his surgery. The Animo also picked up he was scratching a little bit the day after his procedure. I thought this was funny because this was the day I took off his medical pet shirt and replaced it with his buster collar (aka lampshade) which he hates and so he was probably trying to scratch it off! As soon as I put his medical pet shirt back on, no more scratching!


In the Graham home...

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