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Animo app tour

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Animo monitors scratching and shaking in dogs

An increase in scratching or shaking can be one of the most common signs of discomfort for any dog. Animo can help you detect when your dog experiences a change from their normal behaviour that could be a sign of something more serious.

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Animo highlights how owner's dog sleeps better in own room

Thanks to Animo, Bella's owners have noticed that her sleep quality improves when she sleeps in her own room.

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Sure Petcare celebrated 10th Anniversary in 2018

We had our 10th Anniversary in 2018 and our friends of the business helped us to celebrate!

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Animo highlights link between exercise and poor sleep quality

Bella is 9 years old and has arthritis. Find out how her Animo activity and behaviour monitor helped her owners to identify that too much exercise was affecting her sleep quality.

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