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Keeping your cat cool in hot weather

Cats often love to bask in the sun on hot summer days, but dehydration and heatstroke can be a problem if your cat doesn't get enough water and shade. Protect your cat by following our top tips on keeping him cool this summer.

Provide plenty of shade

If you have a cat that enjoys spending time outside in the hot weather, provide plenty of shade in your garden to give him somewhere to hide when the sun gets too hot. A large plant with broad leaves works well, as do parasols, awnings or garden tables and chairs.

Access to cool spaces indoors

Give your cat access to the cooler rooms in your house. A bathroom is a great place for a cat to cool down; porcelain sinks and bath tubs can be particularly inviting!

Make a cold bed

If you do not have many cold rooms in your house, then why not create a cool bed for your cat. Wrap a cool pack in a damp cloth and place it in your cat’s bed. You could even try laying a damp cloth over your cat whilst he is sleeping.

Provide plenty of water

To prevent your cat becoming dehydrated, provide multiple water stations and keep them topped up with fresh cool water. You could even put a few ice cubes in their water bowls for good measure. To encourage your cat to drink more, keep their water stations separate from any food or toileting stations. Cats generally prefer to drink well away from these areas so that they know that the water source is clean.

Groom your cat

Brush your cat regularly to remove any loose or matted fur. If your cat is wearing fewer coats, he should feel a great deal cooler!

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