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DIY cat toys that you can easily make at home

Cats aren’t fussy when it comes to the look of a toy; it’s how interactive it is that’s key. So even if you’re not particularly creative, you can make your own, inexpensive cat toys at home that your furry friend will love.

Cardboard box house

This is a really easy one. Take any old cardboard box and cut a few holes in it, large and small. Your cat can use the large holes to go in and out of the box, and the smaller holes to paw at objects placed inside the box, such as balls or mouse toys. As many cat owners know, cats are obsessed with cardboard boxes, so this would make a great toy!

DIY cat tree

You can make your own cat tree out of old furniture that you either have lying around the house or sourced from a charity shop or refuse centre. Step stools, small ladders or wooden chairs can all work well. Use sisal rope to add grip to ladder rungs and suspend sturdy material to create hammocks.

DIY scratching post

Sisal rope wound around a wooden post is a very quick way of creating your own scratching post. You could also use patches of old carpet. These can be placed in areas where your cat normally likes to scratch such as the top of the stairs or the side of a piece of furniture. This will allow your cat to continue to scratch where they want to and will protect your furniture at the same time.

Catnip toy

Cats go crazy for catnip and a homemade catnip toy needn’t be complicated. Yes, you can sew a cute little mouse and fill it with catnip but filling an old sock and tying it at one end works just as well – and there’s no sewing involved! Pad out your toys with cotton filler and add just a little catnip inside.

Toy on a string

Cats love chasing after things that dangle from a string and it’s a great toy that you can use to play with your cat in an interactive way. There are all kinds of things that you can attach to the string that your cat will love – feathers, balls, bells or your very own felt or fabric creations.

Cardboard tube toy

Don’t throw away the cardboard inner tubes from your toilet rolls. They can be used in all kinds of ways to make cheap (and even free!) cat toys. Fill them with treats or dry kibble and fold over the ends to make puzzle feeders. Cut holes in the side of the tube for the treats to fall through while your cat bats it around. Try gluing or tying several tubes together and placing objects inside for your cat to retrieve.

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