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8 ways to prepare your cat and your home for a pet sitter

Many of us leave our cats at home with a pet sitter when we go on holiday so that they can feel more relaxed in their home environment rather than in a cattery. Take a look at these top tips to ensure your cat is as comfortable as can be whilst you are away.

1. Introduce the pet sitter

Before you leave, try to give your cat some time to familiarise themselves with the pet sitter if they’ve not met them before.

2. Make your cat feel at home

Don’t change anything in your home prior to going away. Keeping everything the same will help your cat feel as relaxed as possible. Make sure your cat has access to all the places in your house they normally have access to, particularly hiding places. Tell the pet sitter to leave any doors that you have left open.

3. Install a Microchip Cat Flap Connect

Cat through Microchip Cat Flap ConnectThe Microchip Cat Flap Connect keeps you updated with your cat’s comings and goings via the Sure Petcare app. This lets you check that your cat is behaving normally while you are away. It’s also possible to lock the cat flap remotely and set curfews. You can give your pet sitter access to the app so that they can check your cat is behaving normally, which is useful for them if they don’t see your cat when they go in to feed them but want to know they are OK. The pet sitter can also lock the cat flap remotely if needed.

Be sure to install the Microchip Cat Flap Connect well in advance of your holiday so that your cat has plenty of time to get used to using it before you go away.

4. Change the batteries

If you have a battery-powered product for your cat, such as a Microchip Cat Flap or a Microchip Pet Feeder, and you haven’t changed the batteries in a while, change them just before you go away so that your pet sitter doesn’t need to worry about checking that they are running low.

5. Supplies for your cat

Make sure your home is well stocked with food, any medication they might need and cat litter if they use a litter tray.

6. Your cat’s food

If your cat is on a prescription diet and needs to be fed specific amounts, make sure the pet sitter is aware of this. Don’t be tempted to change your cat’s diet just before you go away as any new food should be introduced gradually to prevent an upset stomach. You wouldn’t want your cat getting poorly while you’re away.

7. Vet details

Leave contact details of your cat’s vet with your pet sitter in case they need to take your cat to the vet whilst you are away. Make sure the pet sitter knows where to find your cat’s carrier.

8. Emergency contact details

Give your pet sitter details of how to contact you or a family member in case of an emergency. It’s a good idea to give them details of several different people so they have plenty of options.

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