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Cat Hydration

Monitoring changes in your cat’s drinking behaviour and why it’s important

Why should I monitor my cat’s drinking? Like humans, a cat’s water intake is a key indicator of their overall health, along with nutrition and exercise. Improvements in veterinary care have resulted in cats living longer than ever before, with many cats now living for 17 years or more, but this trend has also seen an increase in the number of middle aged and senior cats diagnosed with hydration-related illnesses, such as chronic kidney disease. In fact, kidney disease is the commonest life-threatening illness for cats of 5 years and above.

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How to encourage your cat to drink more

Good hydration is as important for cats, just as it is for us humans, and changes in your cat’s drinking behavior can be a sign that your cat is unwell. In addition, many cats’ drinking patterns change throughout their lifetime, with 2/3 of adult and senior cats suffering from illnesses like kidney disease and diabetes, that are linked to drinking and hydration. Most owners aren’t aware that kidney disease is the number one cause of serious illness in cats of 5 years old and over.

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Should I be worried that my cat is drinking more/less?

It is important to keep track of your cat’s drinking behaviour as this is a vital indicator of your cat’s state of health. If your cat is unwell and has to go to the vet, it’s likely that one of the first questions you’ll be asked will be whether your cat is eating or drinking differently from usual.

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