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The Williams family

Timid cat’s health improves thanks to Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

Craig Williams has a Microchip Pet Feeder Connect for each of his two cats, Contrast and Ratio. The product has helped to prevent Contrast from stealing Ratio’s food and gives Craig an insight into their eating habits. Here are his thoughts on Sure Petcare’s latest connected pet product.

Do you feel more aware of your pet’s eating behaviour?

Totally, I’m definitely more aware. I used to be unaware of who was eating what or when they were eating and now I feel a lot more connected to their habits.

I’m pretty sure that Ratio has been in the house more since having the feeder. I think it’s because Contrast hasn’t been able to steal her food, so she is grazing more successfully.

I also think that Ratio’s coat has improved. I used to have to brush her a lot but now her fur looks in much better condition. I’ve equated it to the fact she’s been able to eat more.

In general, I think Ratio is happier because she now has her space where Contrast can’t intervene.

Have you changed your behaviour regarding your pet’s food because of the feeder?

I think I’ve got better at giving them both wet and dry food. They use the half bowls in the feeders and before, when I only had single bowls for them, I would forget to give them wet one day for example because the dry was so much easier. Now they have two separate bowls for each, I’m much better at providing both types of food.

I used to have an endless sense of guilt that Ratio wasn’t getting enough food. But now I’m confident she is, and I think she’s a lot happier too.

What are your thoughts on the notifications and the app?

I like the notifications that tell me who has eaten and when, and within the app I like checking back through the timeline to see when each of them has been eating and who’s first. I think the graphs are cool.

Do the feeders make you feel more connected to your pets?

Yes, I do feel more connected to them. I haven’t had to ask anyone to feed them yet but I’m really looking forward to being able to see when the sitter comes and that they’re actually being fed.

Would you recommend the product to a friend?

Yes, I would.

What do you think is the main selling point of this product?

The main selling point for me is the internet connectivity. I am a very data driven person, resulting in lots of things in my house being connected, so the fact that I can also have connected insight into my pets is a no brainer.

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Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

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