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The Ferris & Skidmore family

Animo helps owners keep track of dog’s activity while they’re away

Michael and Hannah bought their Cavapoo Oscar eight months ago, and from the moment they brought him home, he was part of the family.

Oscar the dogMichael is lucky enough to be able to take Oscar to work with him as his office has onsite dog kennels. Meanwhile, Hannah is a teacher, so she is able to look after Oscar at home during the school holidays.

Our new activity and behaviour monitor for dogs, Animo, has enabled Michael and Hannah to feel more connected to Oscar. They have been using the product since the end of July 2018 and have been delighted with the peace of mind it has given them.

During a recent holiday, Michael and Hannah left Oscar with Hannah’s mother Michelle. They trusted Michelle to care for Oscar properly, but without Animo, they would have been tempted to contact her for regular updates. Thanks to Animo, their minds were put at rest, so they didn’t feel they needed to do this. Michelle is not a techy person, but she had no problems using Animo. They gave her app access so that she could sync Animo, enabling Michael and Hannah to view Oscar’s activity within the app while they were away.

Michael likes using Animo to see what Oscar gets up to while he’s in the kennels and he also likes to keep track of his calorie burn throughout the day. Michael said: ‘The Animo just allows me to fill in the gaps when I’m not with him’.

Fellow dog owners at Michael’s work commented on Animo when they noticed it on Oscar’s collar and Michael and Hannah would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.

Recently Oscar stayed with one of their friends for the weekend who didn’t have the Animo app. When Michael and Hannah picked Oscar up, they synced Animo as soon as they got in the car to go home. They thought it was great to be able to see what he’d got up to while they were away.

In the Ferris & Skidmore home...

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