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The Lunn family

Animo helps dog with eye injury

Find out how rescue dog Zeus has benefited from the Animo activity and behaviour monitor, particularly during a stressful time in his life when he sustained an eye injury.

Can you tell us a bit more about Zeus and his personality?

Zeus has been part of the family for nearly six years after I picked him up as a rescue dog when his elderly owner passed away and the family struggled to handle him. He is a cheeky dog and will play all day with his ball if he could. He’s quite a nervous character outside of the house and he is very protective if he doesn’t like the look of something.

How easy did you find it to set Animo up?

Animo was very simple to attach. It only took a couple minutes to get it on his collar and set the app up. Setting up the app was very self-explanatory. It has been on him for over six months and I still haven’t needed to change the battery!

Has Animo helped you to ensure that Zeus gets the right level of exercise?

One of the main reasons I was interested in Animo was because I have a dog walker who will take him out during the day when I am at work. In the past I have had one or two dog walkers who I haven’t always trusted, or I caught out a couple times, but with Animo I can track what time the dog walker has been round and for roughly how long. It turned out that it was useful for a scenario that I didn’t foresee.

Unfortunately, in December Zeus had an accident where he banged one of his eyes very badly. It was clearly in a bad way and following a visit to the vet, they confirmed that he had a trauma-based glaucoma, which is where the eye fills with fluid causing permanent damage. Due to the swelling it looked very uncomfortable and he was given pain killers to take the edge off. During this difficult period, I used Animo to track his sleep, and it was clear to see that he wasn’t sleeping well due to the pain. After sharing this with the vet we extended using the pain killers and introduced a new eye drop to speed up the recovery process.

A few months on Zeus is in much better shape and is returning to normal. Unfortunately, he has lost sight in that eye, but he has adapted incredibly well and is back to his usual self. I keep track of his sleep just to make sure he is still comfortable, and the good news is, his sleep patterns are back to normal.

I am now using Animo to study and track Zeus’s long-term wellbeing. As a German Shepherd he is susceptible to arthritis in his rear legs, as well as reoccurring ear infections. Keeping track of elements like activity intensity, scratching and shaking help me spot the early signs of any changes. Quite recently I noticed in the app that he was scratching a bit more at night, so we were able catch an ear infection before it really took hold!

Overall, I would recommend Animo to any dog owner, as it is easy to use and may give you an insight into your pet that you wouldn’t expect! I was so impressed with it, I am now working at Sure Petcare myself! I also have plans to create a very fashionable pirate eye patch for Zeus that he can wear with pride.

Zeus the dog's sleep scoreZeus the dog's sleep and rest

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