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Dog-friendly Christmas decorations

Some Christmas decorations can be hazardous to dogs. Take a look at these top tips to make your home look festive whilst keeping your dog safe.

Flameless candles

To avoid real candles being knocked over and causing a fire, use battery powered flameless candles around your home. There are some very realistic flameless candles that can have the same effect as real candles without the danger.


Avoid glass baubles that carry a risk of shattering and opt for plastic or wooden alternatives. Steer clear of baubles made of food, especially chocolate as it is toxic to dogs.


Tinsel can be a tempting tug toy for a dog so it’s best avoided. If ingested, loose strands of tinsel can cause a lot of problems to a dog’s intestines, so it may be best to avoid tinsel altogether. Consider using garlands that won’t shed instead. If you do decide to use tinsel, make sure it’s positioned well out of reach of your dog.

Plant-based decorations

Mistletoe, poinsettia and holly can make a dog very unwell if they are ingested so these plants are best avoided when you are putting together Christmas floral displays. Consider using fake plants instead or non-toxic plants that have a Christmas feel such as roses or Christmas Cacti. Whatever you decide to use, as with other decorations, keep them out of reach of your dog.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can be used with caution. Make sure all cables are tucked away and turn any lights off when you are not in the room, especially if your dog is in the house alone.

Garden displays

Inflatable decorations have become popular, but they may be all too tempting for your dog to play with and pop, putting them at risk of ingesting fragments of the material. Instead, consider garden displays that are sturdier and made of wood or metal.

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