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How to relax with your cat at Christmas

The Christmas period is often a busy time, so it’s important that you find time to relax with your cat. There’s nothing better than spending time relaxing with your furry friend as a way to de-stress and ensure your cat still feels loved whilst there’s so much going on.

Take time out

Find a quiet space away from any noise and hustle and bustle where you can give your cat a good cuddle. Your cat might be disturbed by the noise and excitement in other areas of the house and may appreciate the comfort you can offer them.

Stroke your cat

If your cat likes to be stroked, spend some time each day stroking them, as this can help to calm your nerves if you have a lot going on over the festive period. Your cat will probably enjoy the attention too. You could even cuddle up together and watch your favourite Christmas film.

Play time

During your festivities, make sure you give your cat the attention they deserve and spend a bit of time playing with your cat each day. This should ensure that your cat doesn’t feel ignored and it gives you an excuse to take time out from any preparations.

Feeding time

If you have multiple cats, reduce stress at meal times by giving each of your cats a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect. This will prevent cats stealing each other’s food and give you peace of mind whenever you’re out of the house, as you’ll be able to see when and how often your cat eats.

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