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Cat Flap Advice

How to use a cat flap responsibly

If you have a cat flap installed for your cat, this can be a great access point to the outside world for your pet. But how should you use the cat flap responsibly so that your cat doesn’t become stressed or take a dislike to the cat flap?

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Which SureFlap cat flap should I install?

At Sure Petcare, we have developed a range of microchip cat flaps to suit most households. All our doors prevent intruder animals entering the home by reading your pet’s veterinary implanted microchip or Sure Petcare RFID collar tag, transforming your house into a safe haven for your pets.

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Keep track of your cat’s comings and goings

Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to all day while you’re at work? Do you wonder how long they stay outside or inside, and how many times a day they leave the house? Do you want to be able to keep your cat in at specified times, even when you’re not at home?

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Giving cats different cat flap access permissions

If you live with more than one cat, there may be times when you want to keep some of your cats indoors, whilst giving your other cats free access to the outdoors.

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5 steps to a successful cat flap installation

Installing a cat flap? Take a look at our five top tips to help you complete the installation successfully.

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How to train a cat to use a cat flap

Most cats can successfully be trained to use a cat flap, even if they have never used a cat flap before. Even cats that are used to using a cat flap might be suspicious of a new one. Take a look at our top tips to ensure your cat starts using their new cat flap in no time!

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Where is the best place to install a cat flap?

It can be difficult to find the right place to install a cat flap as you are often limited by the construction of your house. Thankfully, many cat flaps have been designed to be installed in doors, windows or walls, giving you more opportunities to install it in a place that is suited to you and your cat.

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