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Why Animo is a great gift for dog owners

Not sure what to get your dog-owning friend or relative this Christmas? Our Animo activity and behaviour monitor could make the ideal gift. Here’s why.

Proactive pet care

Many dog owners consider their pets to be part of the family. Animo can track a dog’s activity, calorie burn, sleep quality and barking, scratching and shaking behaviours. This ensures dog owners can stay on top of their dog’s daily care. Also, when the owner is out of the house, they can sync Animo when they return home to find out what their dog has been up to during day. This can help to identify specific periods of barking, or to check the dog has been walked sufficiently by a pet sitter.

Tech lovers

If your dog-owning friend or relative loves technology and uses activity tracking devices for themselves, then they will love tracking what their dog gets up to at the same time. Animo uses the Sure Petcare – Animo app to record the dog’s activity and behaviour patterns in graphs that can be used to highlight any changes, which could mean that the dog is stressed or unwell.

Fitness lovers

Dog owners that like to keep fit will love the activity goal setting feature in Animo, that will allow them to set daily goals for their pet. Once the goal has been reached, it will be marked as complete within the app.


Animo is a great gift for the whole family, bringing everyone together to help care for the family pet and enabling older children to take on more responsibility. The whole family can actively ensure that the dog gets enough exercise and the adults can check to see if the kids have walked the dog for as long as they said they have!


At £59.99, Animo is an affordable gift that will last your dog-owning friend a lifetime. Animo is not just for Christmas – it’s designed to be a lifelong addition to a dog’s care. And it features an adaptive algorithm that meets the changing needs of the dog as it gets older.

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