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The Forrest family

Microchip Pet Feeders help keep weight management diets under control

With four cats in the house, three of which are overweight, Shirlaine knew it was time to do something about her pets’ feeding habits.

Her cats are Evie and Willow (sisters, aged six), Howl (aged nine) and Calcifer (aged ten). Howl, Calcifer and Willow are all on an obesity diet under the very welcome control of The Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic at Liverpool University. To help control their diets, all her cats now each have a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.

Shirlaine, can you tell us what you like about the feeders?

The feeders are perfect for my multi-cat household; no more swapping bowls and stealing food from others.  One of my cats, Evie prefers to eat late in the evening, so her portion was often eaten by the others in the day before she had a chance.  As Evie's food was topped up, the others would circle like fluffy sharks waiting to munch.  

How well did your cats take to their new Microchip Pet Feeders?

Surprisingly well.  Within a week they knew whose feeder was whose and not to bother trying to raid another's food.  Very impressive!

Do your pets have any particular feeding habits?

Lots and often if they had their way!  Before their diet they enjoyed treats of fresh chicken and tuna, warm Wheetabix, Dreamies and especially vegan margarine licked off toast when my back was turned.  They're now restricted to lightly steamed courgette as a treat and they love it!

Do the Microchip Pet Feeders keep your cats’ food fresher?

I believe it does keep the food fresher.  With the standard bowls there was often dried out bits of food at the end of the day, but SureFeed keeps the food moist.  I'd imagine they'll help with flies in the summer too, which is a bonus!

Calcifer and Howl cats using SureFeed Microchip Pet FeedersWillow cat with SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Have the Microchip Pet Feeders helped you reduce the amount of pet food you waste and thus saved you money on cat food?

Absolutely.  It's great to monitor which cat has eaten and how much; no more topping up bowls 'just in case'.

Did you use the training mode?

I did, although not for long.  All the cats got the hang of the feeders really quickly.

Have your cats lost weight since using the feeders?

All four cats have lost weight using the feeders in conjunction with the weight management clinic; Evie was almost at goal weight so not much to lose, but within six weeks Willow has lost 4.9% body fat, Howl 6.8% and Calcifer 6.6%.

Would you recommend the Microchip Pet Feeder to other pet-owning people?

Definitely!  Dinner time is a lot less stressful now, thank you! The overall aesthetic of the feeders is lovely, especially important when four are out on display, and the coloured bowl options are fantastic.

Leia the kittenRipley the kittenShirlaine has added two kittens, Leia and Ripley to her cat family. 

How have the kittens adapted to their new home and to SureFeed?

Before Ripley and Leia were microchipped, part of the adventure of new kittens in a multi cat home was keeping my older cats away from their food bowls.  Although the kittens were kept separate from the big guys, the fatties always found a way to raid the kittens high calorie food - like kids with Halloween sweets they had a field day!  As soon as the kittens were old enough to microchip, they had their own feeders.  Leia at ten and Ripley at fourteen weeks old, they knew how to use the feeders and which feeder was their own within a day!  So now the big guys are firmly back on their diet and the kittens have their own secure supply of nibbles, which I can monitor.

In the Forrest home...

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