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The Jones family

Microchip Pet Feeder saves Minnie the cat's waistline!

Sammy and Al Jones, the owners of two house cats, were desperate for a way to control the ever-expanding waistline of their female cat Minnie. Find out why she was putting on so much weight and how the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder has helped to manage mealtimes and trim the waist of the not so ‘skinny’ Minnie.

The Joneses adopted Minnie from a local RSPCA Centre. She was a tatty, sorry mess with huge, plate-sized eyes and a smelly coat. When they first brought her home, she was extremely thin; all skin and bones. With the dedicated care of the Joneses, she was soon in much better health and a more normal weight.

The Jones cat, MinnieThe Jones cat, Joe

The introduction of tom cat Joe a couple of years later meant mealtimes were about to get difficult.

Joe had been born in a garden shed one chilly November. He was the runt of the litter and had one ailment after another. In all, he was a sorry little chap, having been bereft of food and nutrients. This meant that during mealtimes at the Joneses he was a feline possessed, devouring every last morsel as quick as a flash before pushing Minnie aside and going in for seconds.

Eventually, strict mealtime policies had to be brought in – each of the cats would be fed separately in different rooms. This was not an easy process for Sammy and Al to manage and required a lot of dedication.

Minnie started gaining weight

After a while, Minnie and Joe were gradually re-introduced and began taking dinner together again. 

“Things appeared more sedate,” says Sammy, “Joe had realised that food was always going to be around, so he relaxed his attitude to eating, happy to graze instead of wolfing down every last crumb.” But just when they thought the mealtime madness was over, Minnie started to gain weight. “The first thought was were we feeding her too much?” But we hadn’t changed her food, so how could she just start to get fat?” 

What the Joneses hadn’t counted on was that Minnie had decided she quite liked having seconds, and with Joe being more relaxed about his food she could, and would, polish off anything he left. 

They were once again faced with the problem of how to ensure that each of their two cats got the right amount of food that they needed. 

As luck would have it, Sammy came across the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder and decided that this could be the solution that they needed to finally solve the mealtime madness by separating Minnie and Joe’s food permanently. 

The lid of each feeder would only open for the right cat’s microchip, ensuring Joe could graze throughout the day without Minnie stealing his food.

Introducing the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder - The Solution

“When we discovered the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, it sounded too good to be true,” says Sammy. 

“Would it work? And, would Joe - scared of his own shadow - adapt and be able to cope with this new way of eating?”

Setting Up The Feeders

“With their ‘his and hers’ coloured bowls in place, we tempted our puddy-tats with a little food, leaving the bowls open and accessible so that their microchips could be programmed and they could get used to their new, swish feeders. The feeders were surprisingly easy to set up.”


The Solution - SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders

Joneses SureFeed Dairy:


“Feeding time at the mini zoo was a puzzling experience for our twosome. It took some coaxing to get Joe involved. Still, for a first attempt, it wasn’t half bad, and he did eat his tea... eventually.”


“Just like that, the feeder had become an integral piece of equipment in our household... for Minnie at least. Joe was still having trouble. ‘Jumpy’ Joe (as we call him) is literally scared of his own shadow, so any little advancement was considered a triumph. But with a little reassurance and the in-built training mode, I was sure he would get there. It was rather amusing to watch Minnie swagger over to Joe’s bowl...only to find the lid wouldn’t release for her. She was completely bemused!”


“Interestingly, Minnie had stopped devouring her meals in one sitting and started to prefer to graze throughout the day.”


“Result! Joe began tucking into his food unassisted - and when you consider he was wearing a buster collar (he was a sickly wee thing at the time), he was doing remarkably well. We can finally be happy knowing that we are feeding both cats a measured amount, and that overeating is a thing of the past.”


“To be honest, we weren’t expecting the switch to the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder to be particularly easy, but it was an absolute breeze for Minnie, and it only took shy little Joe a week to get used to it, so we couldn’t have hoped for anything more.

 “There is no more squabbling and if food is left in the bowl it is protected, free from any pesky flies - making for a better environment all round. There are no unsavoury odour problems either. 

We are confident that weight loss will follow, and are relieved the stress has been taken out of mealtimes - for them and for us. Minnie and Joe agree - they think the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders are meow-vellous!”

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