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Personalised SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Contest Results

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is designed to be used by a specific pet, so it’s the perfect product to personalise. We’ve seen quite a few customers personalise their own feeders with their pets’ names. We loved this idea, so we decided to host a contest on our Facebook page to give cat owners the chance to win personalised feeders for their entire feline family.

1,358 cat owners entered the contest and we received a lot of enthusiasm for the opportunity to have personalised feeders. We had one overall winner and two runner ups, all of whom had quite interesting stories when it came to their feline families’ feeding habits!

We asked entrants to tell us why they should be considered for this fab prize, and this is what the winners told us:

Overall winner

Christy Cole and her cats Penny, Nohea, Neffurteeti (aka Fur) and Smokey

Personalised SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Winner

“I have four cats, all with different food needs. Two have prescription food, one for kidney disease (who also has hyperthyroidism) and one for irritable bowel disease. One has grain-free, high protein kibble with freeze dried meat bits for added calories (he has seizures and his meds cause him to lose weight). The last one only eats wet food due to a high chance of a prolapse rectum! Having one feeder for each would let them all have a chance to eat their own food, especially when it comes to the wet food.”

Runner up

Nicola Raven and her cats Harry and Leo

“My two boys, Leo and Harry, would absolutely love personalised versions of these. Leo has a special (and very tasty) liquid diet after breaking his jaw in an accident last year and would really appreciate being able to lap up his dinner in peace without his brother or any of my foster kittens stealing it before he gets to the bowl! It'd be great for me too as I'd be able to put his medication into his food without having to worry about someone else eating it accidentally.”

Runner up

Casey Anderson and her cats Shadow, Shilo and Pixie

“I’m very interested in these as my resident cats could greatly benefit from them, but I can't afford them. I foster kittens and currently am not aligned with a rescue centre, so I take care of all food and vet bills on my own. They all get fully vetted, fixed and microchipped before adoption. Having these feeders for my resident cats ensures they will be the ones eating their food, not one of the random kittens. Six-month-old Pixie is growing and constantly needing food, but in constant small meals, as she eats until her little tummy is full, then comes back later. My older male (Shilo, who is overweight, and on a diet) will eat Pixie’s food if left alone for a moment. As for Shadow, she is supposed to weigh around 9-10 pounds, but she is barely 7 pounds. She can't eat a lot at mealtimes or she throws everything up. Now she will only eat a little at a time, then come back for more later. But since my husband and I both work (and he is going to school for his master's) we aren't home to be able to feed lots of little meals.”

Microchip Pet Feeders for each of these cats will enable them to lead healthier lifestyles and ensure the food thieves don’t overeat and those on prescription diets will have exclusive access to their food.

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