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What to consider to prevent food stealing

How to Stop My Dog Eating My Cat’s Food

Pets stealing each other’s food is one of the most common complications that can arise in a multi-pet home. Fortunately, there are simple and effective solutions that can help keep your dog from stealing your cat’s food. 

Why Your Dog Is Stealing Your Cat’s Food & Why You Should Stop It

Ever wonder why your dog just can’t seem to get enough of your cat’s food? 

Not only is cat food filled with more fat and protein than dog food, but it also typically smells better. And while you can’t necessarily blame your dog for wanting to steal your cat’s food, it is important that you put a stop to this bad—and unhealthy—habit. 

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs and cats each require different nutrients, and if neither of them are getting those nutrients from their food, this can result in some serious health risks for both of your furry family members. 

Dogs who eat cat food can experience weight gain and obesity due to the higher levels of fat and protein in it along with gastrointestinal issues like vomiting and diarrhea. 

And if your dog is stealing all of your cat’s food, then your cat may not receive the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy weight. 

4 Ways to Stop Pets Who Are Stealing Each Other’s Food

 Due to the health risks outlined above, it’s essential to keep your dog from stealing your cat’s food. Luckily, these four simple tips and tricks can help.

1.  Plan Different Meal Times. 

Pets get accustomed to feeding times, so use that to your advantage and feed one pet at a specific time each day and the other at another time. It’s still best, however, to monitor each feeding time to ensure that your pets aren’t stealing each other’s food, which might not always be possible based on your schedule.  

 2. Feed Pets in Different Rooms.

If your dog is starting to get jealous of your cat’s feeding time, an alternative to the above option is to feed each pet at the same time but in different rooms. This might also help keep your pup’s curiosity at bay and deter them from interfering with your cat’s meal.

3. Keep Your Cat’s Food Out of Reach...Literally!

Try keeping cat bowls on top of counters or in their cat tree. This can help prevent your dog from stealing cat food, but it might not be the best option if your cat is elderly or if the counter has nearby furniture your dog can use to get to the food.

4. Use a Microchip Feeder. 

Out of all the above options, the SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder is one of the most convenient and surefire ways to stop your dog stealing cat food. 

Microchip feeders are perfect for multi-pet homes because they synch with a pet’s microchip and will only allow that specific pet to access the sealed food bowl. This is especially important not only if your dog is stealing cat food, but also if your cat is on prescription or diet food. 

Whether you try one of the DIY tricks above or want the immediate peace of mind a microchip feeder can provide, ensuring that the right pet is eating the right food is key to keeping your pets happy, healthy, and full of the nutrients they need. 

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