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How a dog sitter can prepare for looking after someone else’s dog

If you are a dog sitter looking after someone’s dog while they are on holiday, you will need to ensure you are well prepared for the task. Take a look at these top tips to ensure you are ready.

Meeting the dog

Meet the dog before the owner goes away so that you can assess their temperament and ask the owner any questions you might have. Find out what games the dog likes to play and which toys they like to play with. Ask the owner to demonstrate which commands their dog responds to and try them out on the dog yourself.

Grooming the dog

You will need to groom the dog whilst the owner is away to make sure their coat stays in good condition. Ask the owner to show you how their dog likes to be brushed and take note of any areas of the dog’s body that might be sensitive.

Walking the dog

If the owner is happy for you to, take the dog for a walk prior to the owner going on holiday so that the dog can get used to spending time with you. Ask the owner to show you where their dog normally like to go for walks. Find out how far they normally like to walk so that you don’t under or over exercise the dog. If the dog wears an Animo activity and behaviour monitor, ask the owner if you can have access to sync Animo whilst they are away. Activity goals can be set in Animo, making it easier for you to ensure the dog gets the right level of exercise each day.

Your fitness

If you will be looking after a large dog that needs long, fast-paced walks, makes sure that you are reasonably fit so that you can keep up with their pace.

Feeding the dog

Find out from the owner what times their dog is normally fed and stick to these times. If the dog is usually given food treats as rewards, find out what the maximum is that you can give them in a day to ensure they are not overfed.


Find out if the dog will require any medication whilst you are away and if so, ask the owner to show you how to administer the medicine if possible.

Veterinary care

Make sure you know the location of the dog’s vet in case they need veterinary attention whilst the owner is away.

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