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Preparing your cat for the holiday season

With the holiday season fast approaching, there is still the chance that we will be able to spend the festive season with our loved ones. And, after the best part of the year in isolation or some form of lockdown, your pet may only be used to you and your immediate family so the extra people might be a cause of distress. Look at our top tips to helping your pet during the busy season.

Make a safe place to hide  

Your cat, or dog, should always have a safe space that they can call their own.  Somewhere that is warm, comfortable and familiar if they are stressed or frightened. Avoid shutting doors and using crates, as this may increase anxiety and they may hurt themselves trying to get out. Your cat should always have access to hiding places that they can retreat to when they feel stressed or frightened and this is even more important if there are lots of children running around during throughout the holiday.

Let everyone know if your pet is nervous 

Make sure that your visitors are aware of your cat or dog’s behaviours – especially if they are timid or frightened of new experiences or people.  Make sure all your visitors are aware, tell them what your cat likes, or not to feed your dog from the table, so that everyone is stress free and happy.  And if you cat or dog is hiding, to leave them be.

Large gatherings 

If you have large gatherings of people at your house during the holidays, try to limit the chance of your cat being disturbed. Keep music low and make sure your cat has access to quiet areas of the house. Or better still, ask one of your pet-free friends if they would consider hosting the party so that your cat can be left in peace.

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