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Caring for your cat in spring

As the weather improves and the days grow longer, your cat might start spending more time outside. Take a look at our top tips to ensure your cat stays healthy and happy this spring.

Install a cat flap

A cat flap will give your cat free access to the outdoors, allowing them to come and go whenever they choose. If there are a lot of other cats in the neighbourhood enjoying the spring weather, install a microchip cat flap to ensure intruders can’t gain access to your home.

Create a cat-friendly garden

Improve your garden so that it is more appealing to your cat. Make a cat toilet by digging a hole and filling it with loose sand. The cat toilet should be placed in a sheltered position in case those April showers start to fall and to give your cat privacy. Install outdoor toys and climbing posts to encourage your cat to spend more time in your garden. These techniques will also discourage your cat from wandering into the neighbour’s garden in search of better resources.

Neuter your cat

Spring is kitten season so it’s important to get your cats neutered to prevent unwanted kittens. Every year thousands of unwanted kittens are taken to rehoming centres and neutering your cat could help to reduce this problem.

Groom your cat

Some cats may have developed a thick undercoat during the winter which they start to shed as spring approaches. Groom your cat to remove any loose fur. Whilst you are grooming your cat, keep an eye out for fleas and flea dirt, and get the problem treated right away if you discover any.

Seasonal allergies

Signs of allergies include discharge around your cat’s eyes or persistent scratching. Constant scratching can lead to further problems, such as open sores and infections. Take your cat to the vet if you suspect they have an allergy.

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