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Why should I use a Microchip Cat Door?

Cats are extremely independent and like to explore their outside environment. Some cats will have access to a garden or further afield, whilst other cats will have a patio or balcony to explore. And in some regions, cats are unable to go outside due to predators or dangers outside. There are several types of cat door available, however a microchip cat door can be used for outdoor and indoor cats, as well as keeping neighbourhood animals or wildlife outside. Here are some uses that a microchip cat door can support your happy cat in their home:

Give outdoor cats the freedom of the outdoors

If your cat is allowed outside and is used to it, they will want to continue to come and go as they please.  Plus, you will not want to be constantly getting up and down to let them out (or back in again).  With a cat flap, like the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap, you can register your pet to the cat flap using their unique microchip number, giving them their own front door key.  They can then come and go as they please and as the microchip number is personal to them, the cat flap will only let them back in too.

Cats are territorial

For cats that have access to the outdoors, having neighbour animals or cats coming into their home can be extremely stressful.  What’s more, as all cats “mark their territory” to show others that it’s their property, without restrictive access to your home, your furniture could get sprayed or scratched up too.  And worse still, your cat will not feel safe in his home.  This can be stopped with a microchip cat flap – only opening for the registered pet. 

Your cat can have their own space

All cats, whether or not they are granted outdoor access, are territorial and need their own space.  With many households having more than one pet, you will need to create a safe space for your cat to hide (whether that’s from the dog, the children or just because they are cats!)

Cat flaps can be installed in exterior doors and walls and inside too.  So, you could separate your pets by giving access to a special room for that pet only.  Some innovative customers have used cat flaps in cupboards, to keep the dog away from the litter tray for example.

Keeping outdoor cats in after dark

With the SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap, you can set curfews for after dark, so if you are home late or it gets dark early after the clocks have changed, you can make sure that they are kept in the house after a specific time.  If you have a the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect, which connects to the Sure Petcare App, you can control this from your smartphone or device, locking or setting curfews from wherever you are.

Cat Flaps are not just for cats!

Cat flaps, or pet doors, can come in varying sizes which is ideal if you have larger cats or a variety of pets.  With the SureFlap range of cat flaps and pet doors, most large breeds of cats and up to small to medium sized dogs are catered for.  However, it’s always best to check the sizing before you buy.

Need help finding the best cat flap or pet door for you?  Read our guide to finding the door that is best for you.

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