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3 Alternative Uses for Microchip Cat Doors

Microchip-enabled doors aren’t just for outdoor cats.

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Why should I use a Microchip Cat Door?

Cats are extremely independent and like to explore their outside environment. Some cats will have access to a garden or further afield, whilst other cats will have a patio or balcony to explore. And in some regions, cats are unable to go outside due to predators or dangers outside. There are several types of cat door available, however a microchip cat door can be used for outdoor and indoor cats, as well as keeping neighbourhood animals or wildlife outside. Here are some uses that a microchip cat door can support your happy cat in their home:

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Everything you need to know about microchipping

Microchipping is the most effective form of pet identification. A microchip will stay with your cat for its lifetime and, once implanted, your cat won’t even know it’s there.

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