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The Silverman family

Dr Silverman Feeder Case Study

Dr Silverman, a renowned veterinarian discusses his experience with the Sure Petcare Microchip Feeder and how it turned around his cats lives.


As a veterinarian, I often find myself struggling with recommending a prescription food to one of my clients who has a multi pet household, where they may not be able to exclusively feed the diet. Certain diets are so exclusive that if a pet gets a single kibbleof a non prescription diet, it negates the last four to six weeks of feeding the prescription food. This is why I struggle with prescribing a veterinary diet when they can not ensure the pet will be able to strictly eat that particular diet.

The ability to treat and cure diseases like hyperthyroidism, bladder stones, obesity, liver disease or allergies with a simple diet change could literally mean life or death for some of these patients. It also eliminates the problem with administering the medications. Trying to give a cat a pill twice a day isn’t as easy as one may think. When examining a sick patient, I often ask questions like, “How much is the pet eating,” or “Is the pet eating?” A very common response is “I don’t know, I have more then one pet” or “I don't know how much because they share a bowl.”

I myself, had fallen into many of the pitfalls that my clients suffer with. My wife and I are both veterinarians and share our home with a mixed breed dog Lucy and three cats, Rosie, Simon and Kitty. For the last 6 years we had been feeding them out of 2 cat bowls where the dry food was filled to the rim. To help combat and correct Rosie and Kitty’s overweight issues, we decided to switch their food from an over the counter dry food to a prescription weight loss diet. Since Kitty is extremely nervous and timid, we still had to keep the food bowls full to ensure that she would get her fair share. After six months their weights had not changed. One day Rosie jumped off a chair and she tore a ligament in her knee. Due to severe heart disease she wasn’t a candidate for surgery. The only option was weight loss. We were out of options and my wife was heartbroken. It was at this time that we were looking for other ways to help them lose weight, since exercising Rosie wasn't an option. It was at this time, I was introduced to the Sure Pet Feeder.

After 2 months of feeding the three cats with the sure pet feeder, we've noticed a huge change in their weights. Rosie is even running around and playing with Simon, which has happened in quite some time. The Sure Pet Feeder gave Rosie a second chance and we couldn't be happier.

In the Silverman home...

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