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The Barron family

Owner keeps on top of dog’s activity levels thanks to Animo

James is an F1 pit crew member. His job is physically demanding, so outside of work, he needs to ensure that he stays fit and healthy to meet the demands of his work. He has an active fox red Labrador called Ruby. He has given Ruby an Animo activity and behaviour monitor, which will keep track of how active Ruby is each day, which in turn will help James to stay active too. We got in touch with James to learn more.

Can you tell us a bit more about Ruby?

Ruby is super friendly and loves to say hello to everyone. She loves going on walks more than anything, chasing a ball and playing with other dogs. Ruby also loves a good nap and it turns out she is very good at it!

How easy was it to attach Animo to Ruby’s collar?

Animo was extremely easy to install and only took a minute to fit.

How easy did you find the setup of the app?

Animo was very easy to setup and connected straight away with no issues, it only required a few details about Ruby.

Has Animo helped you to ensure that Ruby gets the right level of exercise?

Yes, it makes it much easier to keep track of her activity throughout the day and ensure she continues to have enough daily exercise. 

Ruby the dogHave you learnt anything new about Ruby’s activity that you didn’t know before?

We have learnt that she loves sleeping even more than we realised and is more than happy napping while we are at work.

Has Animo detected any increases in Ruby’s barking, scratching or shaking?

Ruby has the odd scratch and shake every day and the results on the Animo confirm that her well-being is very consistent. It turns out Ruby doesn't say much as there isn't much detection of her barking so hopefully this means she is super happy!

Has Animo detected any changes in Ruby’s sleep quality?

Ruby is an expert sleeper and consistently scores well with sleep. She has a fairly good routine, so we haven't detected any changes in this.

Which features of Animo do you use the most?

Mostly the amount of exercise she gets every day and it's nice to see the quality of her sleep.

Do you feel that Animo has helped you to care for Ruby better?

It has definitely helped us to make sure she gets enough exercise. 

Have you set any daily goals, and if so, how have they helped?

We use the daily goal that the app has suggested and try to make sure it's completed every day as she loves a walk more than anything. 

Would you recommend Animo to other dog owners?

Definitely! It's a great little gadget to make sure your pooch is as happy as can be. 

Do you have any other feedback you would like to share?

Ruby loves to swim and we can safely say that the Animo is definitely 100% waterproof!

In the Barron home...

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