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The Price & Williams family

Animo helps owners and family members care for Archie

Stephanie and Jordan have been using our new activity and behaviour monitor, Animo, on their Yorkshire terrier Archie since August. We got in touch with them to find out how Animo has helped them to monitor Archie’s sleep and keep on top of his activity.

Setting up Animo

Jordan rated the setup of the Animo and app as a 10 and found it very easy, and Stephanie likes how user friendly it is.

Daily routine

Animo’s app is now part of their morning routine. ‘It hooks you,’ Stephanie explained. Jordan gets up early to take Archie for a walk and when they get back Stephanie syncs the app during breakfast. This helps her to see how well Archie slept the previous night – Animo provides a nightly sleep quality score.

Awareness of behaviour and activity

Archie Animo case studyThanks to Animo, Stephanie and Jordan are now more aware of Archie’s behaviour and activity levels. For example, if Archie is grumpy one day, they might check the app and see that he had a poor-quality sleep the previous night, which could explain his mood.

Animo allows them to set activity goals for Archie which they actively try to hit at the weekends and do as much as they can during the week. Sometimes Jordan and Stephanie will go on a longer walk than usual just to hit his target, so Animo is having a positive impact on their health also.

App notifications

There was an occasion when Archie’s collar was put on upside down. This means that Animo would have been facing the wrong way. Stephanie and Jordan received an app notification to tell them that Animo was upside down and that they must turn it around in order for it to be able to record Archie’s activity. They found this useful; without a notification, it may have taken them a while to notice that Animo was upside down.

A benefit to pet sitters

During the week, Stephanie’s mum looks after Archie while Stephanie’s at work. When Stephanie drops Archie off, her mum will always ask how well Archie slept the previous night, so she knows what to expect of his behaviour during the day. And when she takes him out for a walk she’ll be interested in finding out how long they have walked for. So Animo is having a wider impact on Archie’s care. It’s possible to give friends and family access to Animo’s app so that they can sync the data, so Stephanie may give her mum access in the future so that she can provide him with a deeper level of care.

In the Price & Williams home...

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