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Exercise tips for dogs in hot weather

When the weather is hot, you should make adjustments to your dog’s exercise regime so that they don’t become overheated. Here are our top tips to ensure your dog has the right level of exercise during the hot weather.

Your dog’s walks

Avoid taking your dog for a walk during the hottest parts of the day around midday. Take your dog for a walk in the early morning or evening when the temperature is cooler. If you can’t avoid the warmer hours of the day, take your dog for a walk in shaded areas such as through woodland or narrow streets, but be wary of hot pavements which could scold your dog’s feet. If you and your dog normally like fast paced walks or going for a run, consider taking slower paced walks to prevent overheating. Take plenty of water with you to keep your dog hydrated.

Exercise with water

Water can help to cool a dog down, so it’s a great idea to involve it in your dog’s exercise routine. Get them a paddling pool for the garden or play with the hose, or if they like to swim, take them to safe outdoor water sources where they can do some doggie paddling. Never force your dog into water – leave them to enter the water if they want to. If you take your dog to the beach, make sure the sea is safe for swimming and bring a tent or umbrella for shade so that your dog can escape the sun for a while. When you leave the beach, give your dog a thorough wash to remove sand that could irritate their skin or paws.

Water play is lots of fun and it can also make exercise more interesting for you and your dog.

Monitor exercise

You can monitor your dog’s activity levels with an Animo activity and behaviour monitor. During the warm weather you can compare how much exercise your dog is getting with how happy they seem at the end of each day. If you notice your dog getting a lot of exercise and then they seem to be suffering from the heat by the end of the day, then over time, you can start to learn how much exercise is too much for your dog during the hot weather. Once you’ve learnt the best level of exercise for your dog during the hot weather, you can then set daily activity goals in the Animo app to ensure your dog doesn’t overexert themselves. Animo is waterproof, so your dog can continue to wear it even when playing in water.

Take time out

If you are out for a walk with your dog or playing in the garden and your dog appears lethargic or is panting lots more than usual, cut the walk short or take your dog inside to cool them down. If the heat appears to be affecting them, put them in a cool area of the house and offer them water or a cool treat – pieces of food or treats frozen into ice cubes are great ways to cool off and offer your dog an alternative form of enrichment.

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