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Why the Sealed Pet Bowl is a great gift for cat owners

Not sure what to buy your cat-owning friend this Christmas? Our SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl could be the perfect gift. Here’s why.

Keeps food fresher

If your friend is fed up with throwing away stale cat food, they’ll love how the Sealed Pet Bowl keeps food fresher for longer. Many cats like to graze on their food, so having a way to keep the food fresher will ensure the food remains palatable for the cat and means your friend will save money on wasted stale food.

Reduces smells and flies

Cat owners hate the idea of cat food smells lingering in their home and open bowls attracting flies. The Sealed Pet Bowl locks smells away and keeps flies at bay, creating a pleasant environment in the home.

Easy to use

The Sealed Pet Bowl is very simple to use, so it can make a great gift for cat owners who aren’t used to using pet technology. Once the batteries are in place, the lid of the Sealed Pet Bowl simply opens when any animal approaches it, allowing them to feed. It then closes once the animal has finished eating and has walked away.


Priced at just $99.90 AUD, the Sealed Pet Bowl is an affordable gift. The product is supplied with a grey bowl, but to personalise the gift, you could purchase additional bowls in blue, green or pink.

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