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Protecting your home from unwanted guests in winter

When the weather turns cold and you close all the doors and windows in your home, you might think your house and your pets are safe from unwanted guests. But that isn’t necessarily true.

Check out our top tips to ensure your home is safe from unwanted guests during the colder months.

Intruder animals through the cat door

In the summer, it’s difficult to keep unwanted neighbouring cats from wandering into your home through doors and windows. If you have a standard cat door, that could be a source of entry for intruders in the winter for neighbouring cats seeking shelter or a sneaky bite to eat. Installing a Microchip Cat Door will ensure any intruders will not be able to get inside.

Rodent intruders

With fewer food sources available outside during the winter, rodents tend to look for food sources elsewhere, particularly inside our homes. Rats and mice can be particularly attracted to the smell of cat food, especially if it is left out all day for cats who like to graze. Serve your cat’s food in a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder to keep rodents out of their food. The Microchip Pet Feeder has a lid which will only open for your cat’s microchip.

Store your cat’s food in rodent-proof containers. This will keep it fresh as well as keeping critters out. The same goes for human food too.

Rodents can squeeze through small gaps so be sure to check for small openings around your home and block them up. Use draught excluders to seal up any gaps under doors.

Flea treatment

Treating your cat for fleas is not just a task for warm weather. In fact, fleas are prevalent during the winter months because warm cosy houses with little ventilation are the perfect breeding grounds for fleas. Therefore, check for fleas all year round and give treatment if necessary, and use flea spray on your soft furnishings too.

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