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Preparing your cat for the school holidays

When the kids are at school and you are at work, your cat probably has long periods of time during the day when they are on their own. But when the school holidays hit, your home can become a bit chaotic, which can be unsettling for your cat. Here’s how to ensure your cat copes with the change.

Hiding places

Your cat should always have access to hiding places that they can retreat to when they feel stressed or frightened and this is even more important if there are lots of children running around during the summer holidays.

Keep children informed

Make sure your kids and any children visiting your home are aware of your cat’s behaviour traits. For example, if your cat doesn’t like to be stroked or likes access to a certain chair for sleeping, make sure the children know this. If your cat is hiding, tell the kids to leave your cat alone, as your cat may find it stressful to be disturbed.

Large gatherings

If you have large gatherings of people at your house during the holidays, try to limit the chance of your cat being disturbed. Keep music low and make sure your cat has access to quiet areas of the house. Or better still, ask one of your pet-free friends if they would consider hosting the party so that your cat can be left in peace.

Caring for your cat

During the school holidays, your routine is likely to be quite different. Make sure you keep on top of your cat’s routine though and ensure they are fed as normal and taken to the vet for any routine check-ups they might need.

Going away

If you’re going away on holiday with the kids and you’re leaving the cat at home, make sure you find a reputable pet sitter and that you have thought about your cat’s comfort whilst you are away.

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