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Equipment you may need for your new kitten

Before bringing a new kitten home it’s essential to obtain all the right equipment you might need to care for them properly. Take a look at our checklist to make sure that you are ready for your new arrival.

Food and water bowls

You will need your kitten’s regular food and a food bowl. Try to give your kitten the same food that it is used to and if you’re planning on changing their food, do so gradually to avoid an upset stomach. If you already have cats at home, you may wish to get a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder or a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect for the new kitten so that their kitten food doesn't get stolen by the other cats.

You’ll of course need a water bowl too, or you might consider a pet drinking fountain, which would allow your kitten to drink fresh, running water.

Litter tray

Even if you plan to let your kitten outside, they will need to be kept inside initially so you’ll need a litter tray, scoop and a bag of litter. If you are planning on rehoming multiple kittens, supply one litter tray per kitten plus one extra.

A comfortable bed

Your kitten will want to sleep for around 16 hours per day, so they’ll need a comfortable bed which they can access at all times. You can purchase a bed or make one yourself by simply placing a blanket inside a cardboard box.

Kitten toys

Your kitten will have a lot of energy and will need to explore their desire to hunt and play. Chasing toys will give your kitten a chance to expel some energy.

Scratching posts

Save your furniture and carpet and get your kitten a scratching post. Scratching enables kittens to keep their claws in good condition and mark their territory.

Cat brush

If you are giving a new home to a long-haired kitten, you’ll need a suitable brush for grooming to avoid their hair becoming matted. Invest in a good quality brush that will make the job easy and comfortable for your kitten.

Cat door

If you’re planning on letting your kitten outside, a cat door is an essential piece of kit. A SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is an ideal option if there are other cats in the area as it will only give access to your kitten and keep intruders out.

Cat carrier

At some stage you’ll need to take your kitten to the vet, so have a cat carrier on standby. Leave the cat carrier out somewhere so that your kitten can play in it to get used to it.


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