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Top 10 black cat facts

Black cats are subject to superstition and are the least likely to be adopted. They are often overlooked for more colourful or traditional cats such as tabby cats or ginger cats. Black cats are sometimes associated with bad luck or witches, but don’t believe it!

These top ten black cat facts demonstrate just how great they are!

1.  There are 22 breeds of black cat – more than any other colour

Did you know that there are 22 registered black cat breeds?  Some are smoky coloured, grey-black or brown-black, and some have brown paws.  The next time you see a black cat, look closely; you might notice there is more to their coat than meets the eye.

2.  Black cats are considered lucky

In Britain and Japan, many people having a ‘lucky black cat’ in the form of a keyring or other trinket, while in Scotland, a strange black cat visiting the home signifies prosperity.  When considering a ‘ship’s cat’ sailors would often choose a black cat to bless their journey with good luck.  Fishermen’s wives would also have a black cat at home as they believed that this too would help to protect their husbands while they were at sea.

3.  They never have bad hair days

A black cat’s fur always looks shiny, luxurious and beautiful.

4.  Black cats have been loved for centuries - Egyptians worshipped them

In Egyptian times, a black cat was held in high esteem.  The Egyptian goddess Bast, or Bastet, was a black cat. Harming a black cat, even by accident, was punishable by death.

5.  Big green eyes

All cats have beautiful eyes, but the dark, shiny coats of black cats offer the perfect enhancement to any eye colour.  Most black cats have green eyes but some have blue or yellow, and their black coats make their eyes stand out beautifully.

6.  They look like little panthers and have the presence to match!

Black cats look like little panthers ready to pounce at any time.  No matter what their size, they act like they have the confidence and presence of a panther!  

7.  They fit with any house décor!

Whether you have red, blue, grey or pink furnishings, your black cat will compliment any colour that you choose.  Plus, black cat hair doesn’t show up as much as other fur colours.

8.  Black suits everyone – and it’s slimming!

No further explanation needed!

9.  They look great in photos

Whether you like black and white photography or full colour, a black cat is the perfect subject to stand out in any composition.  Their glossy fur and beautiful eyes make them perfect subjects to smile for the camera.

10.  Naturally sweet natured

Most black cats are friendly and sweet natured, often seeking cuddles with their nominated human.  They are purrfect! 

So, if you are considering choosing a cat, don’t overlook black cats – they are purrfect in every way!  Check out your local animal shelter and consider offering a new home to one of these lovable pets!

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