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How to give thanks to your pet without spoiling them

2020 has been a particularly hard year for us all, with constant changes in world events impacting on our lives. And for a lot of us, our pets have been sometimes the only consistent thing to stay in our lives. And whilst we might want to over-compensate for their companionship, there are other ways that you can thank your pet, that you can show that you love them.

Keep to your pet’s routine

As important for us as it is our pets, sticking to routine is key.  When working from home, we can often get caught up in our environment, forgetting to feed our pets or even take them for walks.  Make sure that you continue with your pet’s routine for both of your health and wellbeing, having set times for getting up, play, feeding and walks.

Keep and maintain a balanced diet 

A healthy, balanced diet for you is just as important for your pet.  Some people think that the way to their pet’s love is through their stomach, but as much as we would love to pamper our pets, this is one of the ways that could be causing your pet more harm than good.  Overfeeding, or not feeding your pet the right foods, could lead to obesity, sickness and long-term preventable illnesses and conditions caused by obesity or poor nutrition (joint issues, dental, kidney and much more.) Always follow the recommended portion sizes and foods for your pet’s life stage.  If you are looking for more accurate portion control, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect offers integrated scales for more accurate portioning.

Enrichment and play

Set aside time for play every day.  Not only does it mean that you can take a break from your computer or work, it also helps you to release feel-good endorphins, too.  Plus, your pet will love it too.  From playing fetch, to hunting toys, it will increase the bond even more between you and your pet.  

Visit the vet more

Regular check-ups with your vet can lead to a healthier, happier pet.  You may feel like the trip to the vets is traumatic if your cat yelps or your dog barks all the way there, but a regular check-up can make sure that you are avoiding preventable illnesses that could have been avoided, for the future.



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