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The Archer family

Sure Petcare products help three cats in New Zealand

Judi is a Sure Petcare customer from New Zealand who has a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder for each of her three cats and a DualScan Microchip Cat Door to keep one of her cats indoors whilst letting the other two cats come and go freely.

Her cats’ names are Amber, Liz and Vicki, all approximately 6 years old. She has a garden enclosure so that her cats don’t stray too far. We got in touch with her to find out more.

Judi, could you tell us more about your cats’ garden enclosure and what it’s like?

We built the fencing initially, as we wanted to keep our cats safe on our property, but not always inside. It has changed over the years.

Which cat are you keeping inside and why?

Vicki because she is a climber and escape artist and managed to get out of the garden enclosure we have had for over 20 years. She has been staying inside unless we are out with her. We have just redone the fencing and hopefully we have foiled her, and she will become an indoor/outdoor cat with the others.

How did you give your cats’ access to the garden enclosure before you purchased a DualScan Microchip Cat Door?

Amber and Liz had a non-microchipped cat door until we got Vicki. We changed to the DualScan Microchip Cat Door to be able to register Amber and Liz to come and go.

How long did it take your cats to learn to use the cat door?

Only a couple of days as they were used to the other cat door.

Can you tell us why you purchased the Microchip Pet Feeders?

When we got Vicki in November 2016 we got a feeder and fed her with a different food. It was bought for Vicki so Liz and Amber could not pinch her food. Amber is a grazer and Liz is a pincher. We got a second one so Liz could not pinch food from Amber as she was putting on too much weight.

We got the last feeder so Liz could firstly have half a day of biscuits put in at a time and eat them whenever she wants to without them being stolen by the others. We now give her a day’s food at a time and she spreads it out during the day and knows that is all she will have for a day.

Vicki and Liz cats eating from SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeders

Have the feeders helped any of your cats to lose or gain weight?

Liz has lost some weight, and she has some more to go.

Did you use the training mode on the feeders?

Yes. Amber took the longest to work it out. The training mode was a good help.

Do the feeders keep your cats’ food fresher?

Yes. They only have biscuits in the feeders. The bowls are well designed and easy to clean.

Are you wasting less cat food now?

Yes, because Liz doesn’t have extra food rather than wasting it.

Would you recommend either product to friends and family and if so why?

Yes, definitely. The DualScan Microchip Cat Door is great if you have different requirements like we have had.

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