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The Brooke family

Microchip Pet Door Connect tracks Maine Coon’s movements

Tim has a Microchip Pet Door Connect for his 12-year-old Maine Coon Leonard. Originally, he had a standard Microchip Pet Door, but when he discovered the internet connected version, he didn’t think twice about upgrading.

Maine CoonTim has been enthusiastic about the new door and would wholeheartedly recommend it to others.  He said: “Cats don't tend to tell you anything much; you have to have a sixth sense sometimes to spot anything unusual. With this pet door it's easy to see if Leonard’s daily pattern is getting out of sync, giving me a potential heads up to a problem developing. Plus, I love knowing he's come in when I'm at work or when I’m out and about because then I know he's okay. As Leonard is 'old' for a Maine Coon, I like to be able to know where he is. The app was super straight forward to set up with an easy to follow step by step work through.

“Monitoring Leonard’s movements allows me to see his 'normal' movement patterns. If something changes, what is driving this change? Could it be the weather? A new local cat? (I love the fact that I'm told 'an animal looked through the door'). Or is he unwell?

“I have a much deeper understanding of him and his needs, for instance if he's out for a long period regularly I'll make sure he has some food available when he returns. I check his stats every day or two.

“I love the notifications. They come through on my Garmin watch and I smile every time. It's like he's sent me a text to let me know that he's arrived home or that he’s just nipping out.

“As I work away from home from time to time, and also go on holiday, it’s great to be able to ensure he'll be home when his carer calls either to feed him or take him for a check-up at the vets by using the app to control his access/egress.”

In the Brooke home...

Microchip Pet Door Connect (2.4GHz) - White

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