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The Cole family

Insight into activity thanks to SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect

Lauren has an eight-year-old cat called Mowgli and two four-year-old cats called Ernie and Poppy. We got in touch with her to find out how the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect is giving her an insight into her cats’ activity.

Why did you choose a Microchip Pet Door Connect?

One of my friends had it and recommended it, so I was keen to give it a try.

How did you find the setup of the Microchip Per Door Connect?

It was very easy. I followed the instructions and scanned all the cats in before fitting the pet door in my wall.

Has the pet door provided you with more control over your pets’ access?

Yes, I use the app all the time to lock and unlock the pet door when I am not at home and I also use the curfew mode.

Has the pet door enabled you to have any further insight in the behaviour of your cats?

It is very interesting to see their patterns of behaviour and how it differs depending on the weather.

Mowgli the catPops the cat

Does the pet door make you feel more connected to your cats?

I like that I can log in and see if they are inside or not, which gives me reassurance.

How did you find the setup of the app?

It was very easy to set up. I just followed all the online instructions to make the profiles for each cat and scanned their microchips into the pet door.

How often do you use the app and when do you interact with the app most?

I interact with it every day to lock and unlock the door.

Do the notifications provide any additional insight?

Yes, it gives me a good insight into how much they use the pet door, how much some of the cats go in and out all day and how they all have different routines.

Have you shared access to the app with anyone such as friends or family?

Yes, my husband has access so that he can also see who is in and out and lock and unlock the door.

Is there any additional feedback you would like to share?

I wouldn’t be without the pet door and have recommended it to so many other cat owners.

In the Cole home...

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