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The nation's largest pet temperature study and how you can help!

Your pet’s temperature is one of the most important indicators of health, but it is often only measured during a vet visit. The SureSenseTM Microchip Temperature Study in partnership with idENTICHIP® will for the first time monitor an animal’s temperature at home during a normal day.

We want to observe the real world changes in a pet’s temperature, matching these with changes in their activity and environment, ultimately giving pet owners a greater understanding and knowledge of their pet’s health and wellbeing.

How will the study work?

We know what you’re thinking, I don’t want to take my pet’s temperature like the vet does! Don’t worry we won’t ask you to do that. Our way is quick, easy and stress free for everyone.

Your pet has probably already got an identification microchip, giving you peace of mind that they will be reunited with you if they ever get lost. Some of these microchips also have the ability to take your pet’s temperature and are called idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo® microchips.
What is an idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchip?

We are looking for owners of pets with idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchips that would like to take part in the study. Participants will be asked to take multiple readings of their pet’s temperature using a specially designed microchip reader that we will provide.

Particiants scan their pet’s Bio-thermo microchip with the supplied microchip reader.

Temperature data is sync’d with the SureSense app on their phone and uploaded to the study database.

Our team will analyse the raw data and identify trends in the temperature of each pet within the study.

Learn more about the SureSense app and Microchip Temperature Reader

Why is the study important?

You might think that every cat or dog would have the same 'normal' temperature, but we know from our initial research that this isn't the case. Every pet has their own 'normal' based on may factors including: breed, age, sex, weight and even where they live. When your pet’s temperature is taken during a routine visit to the vet, it is a single measurement of temperature.

Although Microchip Temperature is not a replacement for the temperature measured by your vet (rectal temperature), due to the microchip’s location it is easier to take multiple readings without causing any distress to your pet. Because of this we can now monitor a pet’s temperature over time, and establish an individualised 'normal' range of temperature for each pet.

" Understanding when a pet's temperature is outside of its 'normal' range would enable owners to monitor the health of their pet,taking them to a vet at the first sign of illness. "

Dr Nick Hill, Managing Director of SureFlap

When will the study take place?

The study started in April 2016 and will be running for several months.

We are looking for participants now, read on if you’re ready to get involved.

How can you take part?

We’re looking for 1,000 UK residents that have a cat or a dog with an existing,
implanted idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchip.

My pet has an idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo microchip

Take Part

My pet is not microchipped but I want to take part

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Find your nearest idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo vet practice

To check if your pet has a idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo, please enter your pet’s 15 digit microchip number in the box below.

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