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How to ensure your dog gets enough exercise

Exercise is essential for your dog’s health; it provides much needed mental and physical stimulation. Exercise can prevent obesity and weight related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Staying active with your dog is also a great bonding experience.

Take a look at these top tips to ensure your dog gets enough exercise.

Monitor activity levels

Sure Petcare’s new activity and behaviour monitor, Animo, can help you keep track of your dog’s daily activity. It allows you to set daily activity goals so that you can make sure your dog is getting enough exercise each day. Having a visual aid such as this can make you more conscious of how much exercise your dog is getting and encourages you to hit their daily goal.

Dog walks

Most dogs will need to be walked once or twice a day. Work this into your routine and make sure you are well kitted out for walks in all weathers so that if you need to go out in the snow, you and your dog will feel as comfortable as possible. If you’re feeling energetic, consider doing some short bursts of running while you’re out on a walk.

Toy food dispensers

Food dispensers and puzzle feeders can turn meal times into an activity and encourage dogs to move more while they’re eating. They’re also a great way of slowing down dogs who tend to eat very quickly.

Ball throwers

If you are not as mobile as you used to be, it can be difficult for you to throw a ball any real distance. A ball thrower can enable you to throw a ball repeatedly without tiring you out too much.

Garden access

Giving your dog access to a secure garden can allow them to burn off some steam. In the summer you can leave the back door open but for the colder months, you could install a pet door to allow your dog to come and go freely. If you have a small or medium sized dog then you could install a Microchip Pet Door, which would keep intruder animals out and enables you to set a curfew mode to keep your dog in at night for safety.

Pet sitters

If you are very busy and struggle to find enough time to walk or play with your dog, then consider hiring a professional pet sitter, friend or family member to exercise your dog while you are at work. If your dog wears an Animo, you can find out how much exercise they are getting when they’re being looked after by someone else.

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