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How Animo can detect increased levels of barking

When a dog barks to excess, this can often indicate that they are upset about something. The Animo activity and behaviour monitor records when a dog barks, highlighting when there are increased levels of barking behaviour.

Absent owners

When you are absent from your dog, it can be impossible to know if they have been barking, unless a disgruntled neighbour tells you so. That’s where Animo can really help. It reports your dog’s daily barking behaviour so that you can see how much they have barked throughout the day.

Identifying increased barking

Within the Animo app, graphs will display peaks of barking activity and the times that they occurred. If a dog barks at the same time each day, then you can investigate what might be causing them to bark and try to find a solution. For example, if your dog barks at the postman every day, you could make sure your dog doesn’t have access to the front door when you are out of the house. Or if your dog barks as soon as you’ve left the house, they could be suffering from separation anxiety, so you might need to take steps to alleviate this.

Case study – tracking Mia’s barking

Here are two examples of Mia’s barking behaviour displayed in her Animo app. On 2nd May, she was in the house on her own for much of the day. She went for a walk between 7:45 and 9 when a small amount of barking occurred. Between 11 and 12 the postman came to the house and sometime between 5pm and 7pm her two owners arrived home, when she greeted them with a small amount of happy barking.

On 4th May, Mia spent a lot of time outside in the garden with her owner where there were cars and people passing by for her to bark at. Her owner’s parents arrived for a visit in the evening, which led to some excitable, happy barking.

Mia the dog barking 2nd May

The data from 2nd May demonstrates that Mia is normally a quiet dog when she is at home alone all day. This is reassuring for her owners to see, and gives them peace of mind that she isn’t barking too much when they are out of the house.

About Animo

Animo is a lightweight, collar-mounted device which is designed to stay with your dog throughout its life so that you can continually track and monitor their activity levels, calorie burn, sleep quality and increases in barking, scratching or shaking behaviours. Changes in your dog’s behaviour could be an early indication of illness or distress, so Animo gives you the ability to catch potential health conditions as soon as they occur.

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