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Animo - It's not just for Christmas; it's for life

Our Animo activity and behaviour monitor would make a great gift for your dog or for your dog-owning friend or family member. But just like dogs themselves, Animo is not just for Christmas; it’s for life. Here’s why.

Changing needs

A dog’s needs change as it gets older, so thanks to Animo’s adaptive algorithm, the device ensures that it meets your dog’s changing needs throughout its lifetime. Also, older dogs may start to develop illnesses or ailments that may need to be monitored. For example, if an old dog develops joint problems, their activity levels may need to be reduced and their sleep quality improved by providing them with a more supportive bed. If a dog with joint problems is too active, this can appear in the form of poor sleep quality, which can be picked up by Animo. Animo can help you to find the right level of activity for your dog which has the least amount of impact on your dog’s sleep quality.

Graphs and alerts

A dog’s behaviour and activity are stored in historical, easy to read graphs within the Sure Petcare – Animo app. This you to learn your pet’s normal patterns and to notice changes at any point in your dog’s life. For example, Animo tracks a dog’s nightly sleep quality, and barking, scratching or shaking behaviours. Animo will alert you if there are any significant changes in these behaviours and then you can monitor this behaviour over time within the app.

Robust and waterproof

As Animo is a lifelong addition to a dog’s care, it has been designed to be robust to withstand rough play. It is also waterproof so it’s ideal for dog’s that like to swim or play in the mud.

Battery life

The battery life for Animo is approximately 6 months, which is convenient by giving months of continuous use without having to regularly remove the device from the collar for charging. This makes it slot into a dog’s lifestyle easily without too much maintenance on your part.

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