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Multi-lingual customer service agent

We are looking for a multi-lingual customer service agent to assist our growing business by providing excellent customer service to our European customers in their own language. 

You will be fluent in German & English and will be responsible for providing first point of contact customer service for our German customers.

This is an exciting role in a growing global business. You will be interacting with customers daily via email, telephone and via social media channels to deliver the best in customer service.

Not scared of a technical and connected product – which requires you to think on your toes, this company offers a competitive salary, excellent working environment, on job training, non-contributory pension scheme and 25-days holiday. 

The position is full time, based at our offices in Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire.

If interested, please email Daniel Cherrie (Customer Service Manager) d.cherrie@surepetcare.com

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