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Veterinary nurse praises the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Georgia Woods RVN CertCFVHNut has been recommending the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder to her clients. We got in touch with her to find out more.

Georgia first trained as a veterinary nurse in a mixed practice in Shropshire. After gaining a broad introduction to veterinary nursing, she moved to a large small animal hospital and referral centre in Northwich. After qualification in 2004, she moved to a busy 24-hour emergency service in Cheshire as a dedicated emergency and critical care nurse. In 2010 Georgia then took the position of Head Nurse and Clinical Coach. In June 2015 Georgia took the position of ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Clinic Nurse at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital, where she is now dealing exclusively with pets that have obesity.

I’ve recommended the Microchip Pet Feeder in practice for many years but have also used them in my own multi-cat household. We have also recommended them for small dogs, which works just as well. My practice was given a demonstration bowl for our waiting room.

We know that dietary indiscretion is very common in multi-cat households and the Microchip Pet Feeder has been essential to the successful weight loss of many of our feline patients. One such case was a cat called Luna who lives with one other cat and a small dog. Although after initial weight loss success, the weight loss had slowed and then stopped. Her owners didn’t think she was pinching the other cat’s food but couldn’t be sure. We introduced the Microchip Pet Feeder for the other cat and within two weeks the weight loss had progressed again, and she is now doing very well, with consistent weight loss. Luna is currently 75% of the way through her weight loss programme. I have no doubt the feeder will be an essential tool for her to reach her target weight.

I personally love everything about the Microchip Pet Feeder. The design is great; sleek, easy to clean and attractive to look at. The functionality is so clever, especially the alternate modes the bowls have. Overall, it is a good quality, robust product that is a perfect solution to assist with weight loss within my own two cats.

They help hugely and without them, those who use the feeder simply would not be able to lose weight as they have done. For any cat that needs to eat a specific diet the feeder is essential. I would recommend the Microchip Pet Feeder to any client that has a multi-cat household, as well as small dog owners.

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