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Equipment to invest in to prepare your dog for winter

It’s a great idea to get winter equipment for your dog before the weather starts to turn so that you’re all prepared. Here are our top suggestions for essential equipment for your dog this winter.

Dog bed

Invest in a comfortable, warm dog bed that will protect your dog from any cold floors. You could even consider a heated dog bed or heated pad to add to your dog’s normal bed if your house gets particularly cold at night.

Doggie coat

It’s true that your dog is already equipped with a coat, but some short haired breeds are more likely to feel the chill, so a coat for your dog is a great idea. A waterproof coat will ensure your dog will also be kept partially dry when it’s raining or snowing.

Night time walks

High visibility clothing, collars or collar mounted lights are a great idea if you’ll be walking your dog in the dark. You could invest in some bright clothing for yourself as well.

Paw protection

Your dog might feel uncomfortable walking on snow, ice or salt so they may need some protection for their paws. Dog boots are available, but not all pooches are happy to wear them. As an alternative, you could try paw wax instead.

Water bottle and collapsible bowl

You will need to take water with you on long dog walks even in the winter, especially on very cold days when natural water sources might be frozen. Get a water bottle and bowl to take out with you. A collapsible water bowl is a great space saver.

Indoor dog toys

If you’ll be spending lots of time indoors this winter, why not invest in some new toys for your dog to keep boredom at bay. If you have the room in your house, you could get some equipment to make a small, indoor assault course to keep your dog active and entertained.


Give your dog an Animo activity and behaviour monitor so that you can ensure your dog still gets plenty of exercise during the colder weather. Animo also records sleep quality, so that you can monitor if the change in season is affecting your dog's sleep and take action if needed. For example, as the weather turns colder, you might notice a decline in your dog's sleep quality. This might be down to a drop in temperature, so if you add an extra blanket to their bed or move their bed to a warmer room in the house, this could improve their sleep quality.

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