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How to reduce the chances of your dog getting lost

No one likes the thought of losing their dog, so we’ve put together these top tips to reduce the likelihood of your dog wandering off.

Secure your garden

Make sure your garden is surrounded by a secure fence that your dog can’t crawl under or jump over. Ensure there is nothing close to the fence that your dog could climb up onto that they could use as a launch pad to escape the garden.

Train your dog

When out for a walk, train your dog to come to you when called or when you blow a whistle. Start this training in the safety of your garden before progressing to walks in familiar areas. Only once your dog successfully returns to you should you feel confident in letting them off the lead in unfamiliar territory.

Dog lead

If your dog has a tendency to wander off, keep them on a lead while you’re out walking until they are fully trained to come to you when called. An extendable lead will help your dog explore their surroundings without wandering too far.

Noise sensitive dogs

Some dogs are sensitive to loud noises and could bolt if they are frightened. If this is your dog, take them for a walk in quiet locations, for example, well away from busy roads or train lines. During fireworks season, keep your dog indoors so that any loud bangs don’t scare them off.

Microchip your dog

In the UK it’s the law for all dogs to be microchipped. A microchip will stay with your dog for its entire lifetime. Dogs who have wandered from their owner can have their microchip scanned so that they can be easily reunited.

Collar and tag

Make sure your dog wears a tag that includes your telephone number so that if your dog wanders off, a passer-by can contact you straight away and reunite you easily.

Photograph your dog

Always have an up to date picture of your dog so that if he does go missing, you can share pictures of him in the neighbourhood to help you find him.

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