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Dogs in the office – Bring Your Dog to Work Day

It wouldn’t be right if we were a pet company who didn’t allow pets at work – we have a dog in the office most days and we love the joy and calm that they bring! To celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day on 22nd June, we thought we’d take a look at how to make sure your dog is comfortable in the office and what the benefits are to you and your colleagues of having a dog around while you’re working.

The benefits to you

Studies have been carried out which show that staff are less stressed and get greater job satisfaction when there is a dog present in the office. Stroking and playing with dogs in the office can make a person feel calm and improve productivity, as well as boosting morale.

The benefits to your dog

If you are not able to bring your dog to work, it’s likely that you’ll need to leave your dog at home. If your dog is left at home alone all day, they could suffer from loneliness or boredom. By being able to go to work with you, they will have access to the companionship they crave during the day and they will have the excitement of exploring a new place and meeting new people.

Make sure your colleagues are comfortable

Before you bring your dog into work, make sure that your colleagues are happy for you to do so. Check there is no one in the office with an allergy or a phobia of dogs.

Make sure your dog is comfortable

You will need to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible when they are at work with you. Bring their food, food bowl and water bowl, and perhaps their usual bed and toys to make them feel at home. Give them time to settle into their new environment and make sure they feel comfortable spending time with your colleagues if you need to go into a meeting without them.

If your dog does not settle in your office, you may want to reconsider bringing them in.

Other dogs in the office

If your colleagues bring their dogs into the office, you will need to consider their temperaments and decide if it’s a good idea for all the dogs to be in the office at the same time. Some dogs might not get on with others, so you may need to set up a rota to let the dogs come in on different days.

Exercise during the day

Coffee breaks and lunch breaks are the perfect time to take your dog out for a walk. It’s a good excuse for you to step away from your desk to get some fresh air, and it gives your dog a chance to use the toilet.

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